Attention All You Single Ladies: ‘The Bachelor’ is Looking for Love & Wants YOU to Try Out!

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Are you a single lady looking for love? Have you been one of those girls who have always dreamed of receiving a rose from the bachelor? Well if you answered yes, then today is your lucky day. ABC has just officially announced Juan Pablo, the gorgeous former soccer player who Desiree kindly rejected on The Bachelorette, is now looking for his one true love on season 18 of The Bachelor. And he wants YOU to be a part of his ‘journey’ to finding love. Take a look at the casting call and see if you, or someone you may know, would be the perfect fit for Juan.


Congrats to Juan Pablo on being named the new Bachelor! And good news, ladies: The search continues for America’s most eligible women, as the popular relationship show preparing for its 18th season!

Do you have the charm, style, class and charisma to become America’s next leading lady? Do you want to meet Juan Pablo for all the right reasons? Are you dreaming of being the last woman standing at the most. dramatic. rose. ceremony. ever?

When you’re ready, apply online to be on the next season of The Bachelor — or nominate someone today by visiting and submitting an application or nomination form.

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Duel! Fabio Challenges Isaiah Mustafa for Old Spice Supremacy


It was a battle of the hunks as Mr. Sex Appeal himself Fabio set out on a quest to become the new face of Old Spice by challenging Isaiah Mustafa to a video duel to see who the best Old Spice guy is.

Always up for a friendly competition, Isaiah accepted Fabio’s challenge by debuting his first video of the ‘Mano a Mano en el Bano.’

“To be challenged by the ultimate sex symbol is an honorable challenge,” Isaiah told Celebuzz. “Who wouldn’t want to be challenged to fight for the title of the Old Spice Guy?”

But what made Fabio want to go head to head in this epic online battle?

The Austrian babe was thrilled when Old Spice came to him and asked to do the commercials.

“I thought I would love working with Old Spice,” Fabio said. “It would be great to work with Isaiah and a fun campaign to work together on.”

Fans got the chance to catch the dynamic duo face off in real-time video updates on YouTube and are able to send in their comments and challenges to their favorite Old Spice Guy.

But after two days of duking it out, it was Isaiah who took the home the title of Old Spice guy. But what makes him the perfect candidate?

“Just a good sense of humor, a devil making attitude and an extreme voice.”

Which handsome gem do you think should have won the competition, the original Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa or the original sex symbol Fabio?