Cory Monteith’s Drug Addiction Portrayed in Final Film

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Even though Cory Monteith is gone, his passion for acting lives on in ‘McCanick,’ a film he starred in before his tragic death.

After losing the 31-year-old actor to a mix of heroin and alcohol overdose just last month, the movie seems to hit closer to home than anyone could have ever imagined. Monteith portrayed Simon Weeks, a drug addicted criminal who was released from prison after a murder.

Director Josh C. Waller said Cory felt the need to take a trip down memory lane as he prepped for the role of an addict. “He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn’t been able to use as an actor yet,” he told the L.A. Times.

The film is set to make its debut in Sept. at the Toronto Film Festival. As for his infamous role as Finn Hudson in Glee, episode three will be a tribute to him and his unfortunate passing which will be aired in Oct. “The third episode will write Finn out of the show,” FOX chief Kevin Reilly unveiled. “That episode will deal directly with the incidents involved with Cory’s passing and the drug abuse in particular.”

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Alcohol & Substances Behind Cory Monteith’s Death?

Photo Credit: Parade Magazine

Photo Credit: Parade Magazine

The death of Glee’s number one golden boy, Cory Monteith, took the world by surprise. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the first time he had our jaws dropping.

It was just four months ago (March 30 to be exact) that the 31-year-old made an announcement that no one was prepared for. He “voluntarily admitted himself into a treatment facility for substance addiction.” After spending a month cleaning up, he left with his head held high and his girlfriend, Lea Michele, there by his side.

So when word went viral about Monteith’s death, a question of relapsing had some concerned.

Now, new information has come forth in regards to his very tragic passing.

According to E! News, a large amount of alcohol as well as unidentified substances were found in the actors hotel room.

But even though sources confirmed to E! News that Cory had been drinking and partying the night before, it surely wasn’t enough to kill him. “Yes, he had recently been drinking alcohol, but not to the extent there was any alcohol poisoning kind of impact,” the source made clear.

So that just leaves the substances found. Investigators are not going to make any assumptions “just in case he also had an underlying medical condition,” sources say.

An autopsy is scheduled for today (Monday, July 15). A cause of death will not be announced until everything gets checked out, which probably won’t be until later on in the week.

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