Miley & Liam’s Relationship Isn’t ‘Twerking’ Anymore

Photo Credit: People Magazine

Photo Credit: People Magazine

If refusing to be seen out in public together wasn’t a good enough indication that a break up was in their near future… then Miley unfollowing her boyfriend now ex-boyfriend, on Twitter screams a big F**K you Liam!

So after months and months of are they or aren’t they together, reps for both Miley Cryus and Liam Hemsworth are squashing the rumors once and for all and confirming to People Magazine that the two’s relationship just isn’t “twerking” anymore.

The twosome met back in 2010 while on the set of The Last Song and from there they went on to becoming lovers. Fast forward to May of 2012 when Hemsworth got down on one knee to propose to his then 18-year-old girlfriend.

Back then, Miley couldn’t help but gush about her engagement to People Magazine saying, “I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam.”

Well unfortunately for her, the happiness of becoming engaged was quickly shot to hell.

The 20-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer may have had an issued keeping her tongue in her mouth while posing for photos or performing, but her Aussie hunk seemed to find it hard to keep his tongue out of other women’s mouths.

Exhibit A: over the weekend, while Miley was in Europe promoting her newest album Bangerz, the 23-year-old was turning it up in Sin City watching the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Canelo Alvarez all while having Mexican actress/singer, Eiza Gonzalez, on his arms at the night club. According to onlookers, neither one of them could seem to leave the others sides throughout the entire night.

But before Miss Gonzalez ever came into the picture, reports claimed Liam had a hard time keeping his eyes, hands, or lips off of January Jones.

Well… I guess another one bites the dust!

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