Get Up Close & Personal With One Direction in ‘1D: This Is Us’ Trailer

Tuesday was definitely a great day to be a directioner. Why you may ask? Because the five main men in your lives pretty much dedicated the day to YOU!

First Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis started the day off releasing the official trailer for their oh so highly anticipated film ‘1D: This Is Us’ where they welcome you into their ‘fabulous’ lives, up close and personal.

In the 3-D film, fans get the chance to see who the guys were before they became the worlds biggest boy band and very personal (and super cute) interviews with their moms. And if that doesn’t get your heart racing then keep in mind there are more then enough shirtless moments.. IN 3D! Pause for reaction.

The three minute sneak peek inside the lives of One Direction also features a brand new song, which was their second announcement of the day, called ‘Best Song Ever.’ And in my opinion… anything my “wishful” boyfriends come out with, is pretty much the best song ever so yeah!

So make sure you grab your best friends and run, not walk, to the theater in August! But for now I leave you with the ‘1D: This Is Us’ trailer. As well as 1D announcing their brand new track ‘Best Song Ever’

…You’re welcome!

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