Is Harry Styles a Bad Kisser? Taylor Swift Sure Thinks So!


Although their romantic ship has sailed, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s non existent relationship can’t seem to get out of the public eye.

From the moment they went their separate ways, the two pop sensations found comfort in attacking the other… verbally that is. The first to make a jab was One Direction’s 18-year-old ladies man. Sources close to Star magazine said Harry had been “telling friends Taylor was asexual and wouldn’t let him do anything. She acted really sexy at first, but once she hooked up with him, she only wanted to kiss.”

Sounds like Swift is all talk and no game!

But the 23-year-old ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer had a little secret of her own when it comes to young Harry. “[He] kissed like a snail,” a friend of Swift’s said. “Eventually Taylor found it hard not to be grossed out.” But she had the world fooled after seeing how she couldn’t keep her hands or lips off her beloved beau on New Years Eve.

Maybe that’s the reason she sent him on a different direction.

Would Taylor Swift’s allegation’s of THE Harry Styles being a bad kisser ever stop YOU from laying a big wet one on him? Comment below!


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