Will the Real Gossip Girl Please Stand Up! [Spoilers]

Photo Credit: crunchingsandmunchings

Photo Credit: crunchingsandmunchings

After six years of wondering who is the ‘woman’ behind the ‘You know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl,’ has finally revealed herself as the end of an era has sadly come to an end.

So who is the infamous Gossip Girl… drumroll please

Well, lets just say Gossip Girl is Gossip Boy!

That’s right, DAN HUMPHREY is the master mind behind Gossip Girl and controlled the Upper East Side the entire time!

So here’s what went down:

Pretty much we found out that lonely boy used Gossip Girl as a way to get into the lives of the Upper East Siders, especially into Serena’s life. And lucky for him… it worked, because there wasn’t only one wedding but TWO!

The entire first half of the episode lead up to the moment Chuck and Blair said ‘I Do’ or in their own words “Three letters, one word, YES” in Central Park with their families and friends by their sides. They were then quickly taken to jail for the murder of Bart Bass, which like always, they got away without even one scratch! Then Nate’s Spectator is the one who spills the bean on Dan’s secret.

The last five minutes of the episode jumped forward five years where Nate is shown thinking about running for mayor, Chuck and Blair have a son…

…pause for reaction

Georgina ends up dating Jak Bass, and Serena and Dan tie the knot!

So needless to say… it was an epic conclusion to Gossip Girl!


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