When Taylor Swift’s Away… Harry Styles Will Play!



Just hours after putting Taylor Swift on a plane back home to the United States,Harry Styles was spotted partying with a large group of school girls. According to reports, the 18-year-old swooner made an appearance at the college party which was thrown by his female friend in Sheffield, U.K.

So how did the girls react?

As the 1D heartthrob was the center of attention the  moment he walked through the doors around 1:30 a.m. , the girls took to Twitter to express their emotions saying:

“Best day of my life! Chilled with him for like 3 hours!!! I was literally in shock the whole time, trying to play it cool haha, but inside i was freaking out!!!!!”

Styles even told a partygoer to take off her Minnie Mouse costume because she was “very attractive.”

So is Miss Swift one step closer to writing yet another break-up song?

Before any rumors begin to spread, a source close to the Mirror said, ”[Harry] simply dropped by as a favor for a friend and was polite and friendly to everyone he met.”

In fact, Styles close mate Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, recently told The Mirror that his best friend fancies Taylor.

“Harry really likes Taylor, he’s fallen for her in a big way,” he said. “At first I wasn’t sure if the relationship was a real one but I talk to him a lot and it seems to be that she’s the one – for now, anyway.”

So don’t worry directioners, Haylor’s love story is still going strong!

Take a look at Harry’s night as he posed for pictures with the girls throughout the night.







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