Has Liam Payne Found Love in NYC?

If the news that Taylor Swift will be joining Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik’s girlfriends, Eleanor Cadler and Perrie Edwards, at One Direction’s highly-anticipated concert at Madison Square Garden Monday night for Mr. Harry Styles, then this just may!

Another member of 1D seems to have stepped out hand-in-hand with a very familiar face.

Photo Credit: Sugarscape

Photo Credit: Sugarscape

That’s right ladies, while Harry and Taylor were cozying up together across the city in Central Park, Liam Payne was spotted holding hands, quite tightly, with his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Peazer.

But what was Peazer doing in New York City?

Rumor has it that Payne invited the 24-year-old dancer to join Taylor, Eleanor, and Perrie at the concert Monday night where he hopes it will help him win her back.

And I don’t know about you directioners, but it looks as though Danielle may give him a second chance!

So what do you think about Liam and Danielle getting back together? Sound off below.


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