Barack Obama Holds His Title As President of the United States.

Photo Credit: Cultofmac

Photo Credit: Cultofmac

Well, I guess America has spoken and Mitt Romney, and his five gorgeous sons, came up short in the 2012 presidential elections.

Barack Obama has four more years in the Oval Office as president of the United States of America. That means he has four more years to try and turn this amazing country around.

With the future of the U.S. lying in the hands of Ohio, the independent state awarded the POTUS at about 11:15 in favor of Obama.

So what did some of your favorite celebrities have to say about the results?

Ellen DeGeneres: What an amazing night. Congratulations @BarackObama! I’m proud of our country.

Peter Facinelli: Congrats @BarackObama Hoping Rep and Dems can put their differences aside and work together to get this Country back on track. #America

Katy Perry: The people have the power! Proud to stand by you for 4 more years. RT @BarackObama This happened because of you. Thank you.

Demi Lovato: YAYYY!!! 😄 Proud to be an American!!! Woo hoo!!!!! 🇺🇸🎊🎉🎈

Niall Horan: Celebrate tonight america! #4moreyears

Jessica Alba: Woohoo! Congrats President @BarackObama & 2 all the Americans who made their voices known & heard! I love our great country & our Democracy!

Adam Levine: That’s what happens when you F**K with Sesame Street

Lady Gaga: I JUST GOT OFF STAGE IN COLUMBIA!! CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT @BarackObama We are so proud to be American tonight! YES!!! YES! YES!!

Vinny Guadanino: Congrats @BarackObama! Now show us we made the right decision!

Dianna Agron: Four more years, and I am so happy!! Does anyone have a picture of the Empire State Building?? I want to see it in blllluuuueee….

Mandy Moore: So F’ing proud of my country and our President @BarackObama!! #obama2012

Barack Obama: FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!

Will the United States make a turn for the better? I guess only time will tell.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just sad to see the Romney sons go!


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