Election Day: Celebrities Who Casted Their Votes

Photo Credit: SFWeekly

Photo Credit: SFWeekly

Today is the day each and every one of us can be a part of history, well if you’re at least 18-years-old. It’s election day!

As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney bring their campaigning to an end today, many of Hollywood’s famous A-Listers have opened up about the importance of voting.

And now that the day has finally arrived, stars are turning to Twitter to motivate all of us fans to get out there and vote.

But these celebrities are not only able to walk the walk but they can talk the talk because they are not only encouraging people to vote, but they are voting themselves. And lucky for all of us adoring fans, they are sharing their experiences with everyone.

Even though they all may have a different political beliefs, some of our favorite Hollywood stars have a very strong message for us: it doesn’t matter who we vote for… just VOTE!

Take a look at what the stars have to say about the 2012 Election Day.

Ellen DeGeneres: If you want to see change… vote. If you want equal rights… vote. If you want good deals on holiday sweaters, go to jcp. Then vote.

Kim Kardashian: I’m filling out my voting card in a room filled w people,everyone is telling me their opinions! Vote how YOU want to vote & what YOU believe in not anybody else

Donald Trump:Make sure to vote today. Vote for real change. Change that will deliver jobs and a free & strong America. Vote for @MittRomney.

Lena Dunham: Ladies, put on your voting best. May I plz see pics of your voting “looks”?

Miley Cyrus: Dolls that vote together stay together

Alicia Keys: Today’s the day!!!! We are a great people of great power!!! 😉 who voted already today???

Ryan Seacrest: No, you can’t text your vote to an 866 number ;). Show up, cast your vote, be heard.

Chris Brown: We need hope! Vote today so our future can prosper. I’m encouraging all my fans. VOTE….

Will.i.Am.: I just voted…

Katie Couric: In line to vote! Makes me feel big and strong! #YourVote

L.A. Reid: Encouraging everyone to go out and #VOTE! #BeEpic

Nicki Minaj: Beyond proud of your passion to let your voice be heard. Happy Election Day

Joan Rivers: I’m off to vote!!!

Donnie Wahlberg: Whether Obama or Romney wins, I hope our next president will be a bipartisan one who will get things done w out excuses or blame. #USA #VOTE

Nick Lachey: People, get out and vote today! This year, more than ever, every vote counts. This is your right AND privilege. #VOTE

Khloe Kardashian: Today is Election Day!!! Get out there and vote people! Election info at http://rockthevote.com/election-center/ … #GoVote

DJ Pauly D: GTV Today !!!!! Gym Tan Vote !!!!

Vinny: #VOTED hope you do the same

Vanessa Lachey: Make sure your voice is heard… VOTE! #Election2012

Stephen Colbert: Make sure you get out there and VOTE today! Then enjoy your orange juice and cookie… wait! Did I just give blood by mistake?

Common: If they can wait in line to vote, so can you!

Justin Bieber: I’m 18… but I can’t vote… I’m Canadian

Queen Latifah: My Beloved Fellow Americans, Its Time to Getcha Some!!! Don’t Doubt Your Power! Vote Right Now! It’s Worth the Wait!

Jay Sean: What happens today in the election will affect the WORLD. It’s a huge day for everyone- make sure u make ur opinion count!! Be heard!

Fergie: I have made my choice. My hope is 4 President @BarackObama 2 get reelected & get more time 2 turn this country around.#election2012 #ivoted

Jeremy Piven: Get out and let them know where u stand! Come on now, who’s with me?

Alicia Silverstone: 537 votes decided the 2000 election. Your vote could decide it in 2012. Please make your voice heard: http://OFA.BO/zW6Ddx RT

Star Jones: Just talked to Milwaukee #GetOutTheVote! Remember there is NO #VoterID requirement in Wisconsin. The courts struck down the law! #Obama2012

So will you be a part of history today? Like some of your favorite stars… make sure you make your voice heard and VOTE!


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