Harry Styles: The Mick Jagger of the Tween Generation

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

One Direction’s Harry Styles seems to be channeling his inner Mick Jagger.

Of course Jagger has that rock ‘n’ roll swag that the 18-year-old lacks, but no one can deny the crazy resemblance the two share… and it’s a lot more then that adorable British accent.

Photo Credit: TUMBLR

Photo Credit: TUMBLR

Like the Rolling Stones leading man, Styles holds the title of ‘ladies man’ but that’s not all the two share. He also has a way of grasping Mick Jagger’s rock ‘n’ roll edge on stage that has people talking about the two’s striking similarities.

A film based on Jagger and his band mate, Keith Richards life, Exile on Main Street, is said to be in the works in the near future. But there’s one problem… the crew is on the hunt for the perfect person to play Mick Jagger himself. And lucky for 1D’s very own Harry Styles, he is in the running to portray the Rolling Stone’s frontman.

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

So will Harry turn in his microphone for a while and pick up a movie script?

… It seems to be very unlikely. With One Direction’s sophomore album, Take Me Home, and a world wide tour coming up, Styles probably won’t even have time to think about an acting gig.

So do you see the striking resemblance between Harry Styles and Mick Jagger? Does Harry have the ‘Moves Like Jagger?”  Sound off below.


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