Is Ed Sheeran Showing His RED Hot Feelings For Taylor Swift With a New Tattoo?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Oh La La! Looks as though sparks are flying between two of the world’s most popular singers.

… Maybe!

Since Taylor Swift announced British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, will be opening for her on the much anticipated North American Red tour beginning in March 2013, the two have been carefully monitored to see if there are any signs of romantic interests between them.

So when people saw a photo of Sheeran’s new ‘Red’ tattoo on Twitter, rumors of a possible blooming romance between the two sparked some interests.

But what is the real reason behind his tattoo?

According to Now Magazine, the ‘A Team’ singer spent three hours getting the word ‘RED’ tattooed on his arm in honor of Swift’s new album. He had just recently collaborated with the country sweetheart on a song called “Everything Has Changed.”

Sheeran received his fresh new tat from One Direction’s very own tattoo artist, Kevil Paul, who confirmed that his tattoo was definitely a way for Ed to express his love for Taylor. When a fan asked Paul what the tattoo meant via Twitter he replied:

“@swift13_love for Taylor’s new album”

22-year-old Swift showed her gratitude by posting the photo of Sheeran and his new ink on her website.

So do you think Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift would make a cute couple? Sound off below letting us know!


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