Niall Horan’s Tighty Whities Up For Grabs!

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Attention all of you One Direction fans! Niall Horan is allowing one lucky directioner a chance to get into his underpants… kind of literally!

The Irish lad’s tighty whities are being given away in a competition, that is sure to spark the attention of the ladies.

And even though he may not have worn that exact pair, Horan has given the underwear a touch of his Irish luck with his autograph.

So the question that I’m sure is on every young girls mind… is Niall a boxer or briefs kind of guy?

The 19-year-old decided to donate a pair of sexy tight Calvin Klein boxers to Now Magazine where he reveals what kind of underwear he prefers.

In a previous interview with The Metro, Horan revealed he prefers to conquer the world commando style!

“Do I always wear pants? Well yeah, but then I like to go free and easy from time to time,” he told U.K. newspaper.

To his 7 million Twitter followers, Niall confessed that he would rather lay in bed all day then wash his dirty underwear.

“Still in bed at half 2,” he wrote. “Well the real reason I’m still in bed is coz all my boxers are dirty and if I stay in bed, I don’t have to change them.”

What a dirty dirty boy! But I’m sure that’s not going to turn off any of you Niall Horan lovers.

If you won a signed pair of boxers from Niall, what would you do with them? Comment below!




8 thoughts on “Niall Horan’s Tighty Whities Up For Grabs!

  1. personally, if i had this underwear…. i’d take a photo… post it on facebook… and brag to every single one of my Directioner friends! then i’d bring it to school for a tiny ‘show & tell’! i’m pretty sure my teacher would appreciate that! then i’d hang it up in my room of One Direction posters and stare at it for the rest of my fangirling life!

  2. do we just comment what we’d do with them to enter the contest? if soooooo, I probably won’t have the chance to handle them because i’d be dead with his Irish boxers of sexiness.

  3. kinda late but i’d try them on, put em in a shadow box and save them and hide them if i ever met him..idk maybe i’d wear them when he was in town as a “luck” thing

  4. OMG .!!! I am a huge Directioner .!!!!! First I would show them off to all of my friends then hang them on my wall with the rest of my One Direction posters (mostly Niall) .!!!!

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