One Direction Dishes on Newest Single ‘Little Things’

Photo Credit: Hollywire

Photo Credit: Hollywire

It’s official Directioners! One Direction have revealed their second single from their much anticipated sophomore album, ‘Take Me Home.’

It’s titled ‘Little Things’ and the guys are already hard at work shooting the songs music video. Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter yesterday to fill his 6 million followers in on the bands exciting day, “On the shoot today for our next single off the new album , Little Things : ) happy days!”

The official One Direction twitter page even decided to reveal a behind the scenes picture of Liam Payne showing off his mad piano skills.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

But it was Niall Horan who took 5 minutes out of his busy schedule to gush about 1D’s latest single in an #AskNiall chat.

@NiallOfficial: we’re mid shoot for ‘little things’ all going good! got 5 mins or so wanna do an #askniall?

@GiaKondakor: #askniall how has your day been?

@NiallOfficial:  good! still working! it’s gonna be a nice video I think

@dannika_nicole: do you and the boys pick which pictures are on the album cover? #askniall

@NiallOfficial: Yeah, we pick everything!

And if you were wondering how filming the ‘Little Things” video was going, don’t worry. Niall gave fans the low down!

@JaniceLandon: details on photo shoot? How’s it going? #askniall

@NiallOfficial: yeh shoots going really good… really relaxed

But after a short 5 minutes, duty calls and Niall was off again shooting One Direction’s video. But have no hears directioner’s, Horan promised another opportunity for #askniall saying,

@NiallOfficial: guys… gotta get back to set! sorry it was quick.. will do another one in the morning! have a good evening.

So there you have it Directioners. Your favorite boy band are at it again working hard to win over the hearts of millions!


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