Leona Lewis Opens Up About Relationship with Liam Payne

It seems as though One Direction’s leading man, Liam Payne, and Leona Lewis are heading in the right direction together despite their eight year age difference.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Mirror, the 27-year-old British X Factor winner has finally opened up about her rumored relationship with the 19-year-old teenage heartthrob for the very first time confessing what exactly it is that makes Payne such an amazing guy.

“Liam is very handsome and very sweet….but he is young,’ she confessed. “He’s got his head screwed on and has good values and morals.”

AOL Radio

AOL Radio

So what is Lewis’s secret to dating younger men?

“We’ve known each other for a good couple of years,” said Lewis who was previously dated someone only four years younger then her. “I met him through our label and management plus we would bump into each other at shows.

“Dating someone younger ­depends on their maturity and it depends on the person. Guys date girls who are younger than them but I feel that girls are normally more ­mature. Maturity is the main thing for me.”

While he was in a serious relationship with ex-girlfriend, Danielle Peazer, Liam confessed his love for Leona in an interview with Radio 1 saying, “I do have a crush on Leona, she’s hot. I have met her. She’s hot.”

So what do you think about Liam and Leona dating? Comment below!


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