One Direction Covers Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine got the opportunity to catch up with one of the hottest bands in the world, One Direction. And lucky for all of us readers, the oh so dreamy lads set the records straight about their reputations, love lives, and embarrassing moments.

As we reported earlier today, Harry Styles has never been the shy type around the ladies. He even admitted that his actions may come across as “too flirty.”

“[I’m] maybe too flirty,” Styles says in the November issue of Seventeen. “I’m an 18-year-old boy, and I like to have fun!”

But the one thing he hates the most is being labeled as the womanizer of the group.

“I wouldn’t say girl-crazy, because that makes me sound like a bit of a womanizer,” he explains. “That isn’t really me.”

Photo Credit: Seventeen

Photo Credit: Seventeen

Styles wasn’t the only one who opened up about his relationships with women.

One Direction’s only Irish lad, Niall Horan, admitted he has a close relationship with X Factor judge, Demi Lovato.

“The nice thing about Demi is, once you know her, she’s really, really beautiful,” the 19-year-old says. “We became good friends. It’s so crazy that she can be so honest about everything she’s gone through. She has a fantastic attitude. If I ever needed anything or needed to talk to anybody, I think Demi would be the best person to talk to.”

As for the “bad-boy” of 1D, Zayn Malik talked about his persona of the group.

“I like to use the term misunderstood,” he says. “But I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That’s part of my image, so it’s cool.”

But behind his ‘bad-boy’ image, lies a 19-year-old guy who is straightforward, “Everything is very black and white for me. I don’t really like playing mind games.”

Then Louis Tomlinson chimed in on the conversation revealing one of his most embarrassing moments.

“One time Harry and I were skiing together when a girl and a guy came up with a camera. We assumed they were going to ask us for a photo, so we stood there with our arms around each other, posing. They said, ‘No, we want you to take a photo of us!’” Tomlinson recounts. “It was embarrassing!”

For the entire article & the story behind Liam’s childhood bullies, make sure you grab One Direction’s issue of Seventeen Magazine October 16th.


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