Contestants go Head-To-Head in Round 2 During X Factor’s Boot Camp

Sixty hopefuls remain in the running towards winning $5 million as the first round of boot camp has come to an end on Fox’s X Factor. And to say nerves got the best of the contestants is definitely an understatement! While some shined, others came up short when the singers were pitted against each other on the same song.

Unfortunately for some, the pressure to impress the judges got the best of them leaving them forgetting the lyrics or picking the wrong song to perform. For those who move on to the next round, they get the opportunity to take the stage at the judges homes where they’ll finally find out who their coaches are and continue to fight for the title of becoming the winner of the X Factor.

So which battles reigned superior?

First up…

Willie Jones versus Tate Stevens: Oh, how this performance just broke my heart! The Fresh Prince of BelAir turned country swag Willie Jones took on ‘Nobody Knows’ by Tony Rich, where judges quickly jumped to think that his 37-year-old competitor set Jones up to fail after he stumbled on the lyrics. But to be honest, Tate just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would do that. As much as I am a huge Willie Jones fan and hope he makes it to the judges homes, Tate Stevens won that round.

Jillian Jensen versus Latasha Robinson: It seemed as though Latasha ended up jinxing herself with her strong overbearing confidence as she blew her performance during round 2 making it one of the worst acts of the night. Singing ‘Stay’ by Sugarland, 27-year-old Latasha completely forgot the words and decided to just throw in the towel. As for Jillian, the formerly bullying victim, she gave Latasha a helping hand even if she wasn’t having it. The 19-year-old stole the show and will have no problem advancing into the next round!

Jennel Garcia versus Tara Simon: It seemed as though Tara was out to throw Jennel under the bus! Singing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ clearly the song was way before sweet little Jennel’s time and wasn’t able to perform up to par. While Tara seemed to want to show all four judges a more softer side to her performance but took the song to a level that it really didn’t need to go. And the judges definitely weren’t feeling either of the girls as Simon called the girls out for a poor choice of song. Even though I thought both struggled with the performance, because I think she has a lot of sex appeal and will have no problem getting people to fall in love with her, I’m thinking Jennel Garcia will advance to the judges homes.

And for the grand finale…

CeCe Frey versus Paige Thomas: These two girls are the definition of DRAMA! The two first duked it out on Wednesday’s episode both singing the oh so famous Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’ Then in round two, they  made a very emotional plea to the judges explaining what it meant to be the winner of the X Factor. While Paige won millions of hearts with her plea, CeCe left fans questioning her actions after pulling a fast one on Paige when it came to the song choice, ‘Secrets’ by One Republic. The way television portrays CeCe makes her quite unlikeable. But to be honest, neither of the girls had that wow power that they brought to the Whitney Houston battle. But when it’s all said and done, I’m pretty sure judge Britney Spears was turned off CeCe’s confidence and casted her vote for Paige. As for me, I’m not sure if I can cast a vote after this round. They are both phenomenal but ‘Secrets’ was definitely not the right song for either of them.  But a hunch thinks both the girls will make it through to the next round. What TV show can let go of all that drama?

So who do you think will conquer round two? Sound off below leaving your comments!


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