Liam Payne Confirms Break-Up from Danielle Peazer

Well… it’s official directioner’s. Liam Payne has finally confirmed that he is a single man!

Photo Credit: Last. FM

Photo Credit: Last. FM

Despite putting restrictions on the media banning interviews from asking questions about the breakup and girlfriends, the 19-year-old ‘Live While We’re Young’ singer did an exclusive interview with The Sun to set any rumors straight.

So why did Payne and Peazer split up?

Although Liam didn’t answer the question that is on everyone’s mind, he did say he hopes to remain friends with his 24-year-old ex: “Danielle is great. I really hope we can still be friends. She really isn’t fussed by money or fame. She was talking about dyeing her hair blonde and I said she should. She said she couldn’t afford it – which was mad. She would even ask me for the money for that.”

According to sources close to The Sun, Danielle was the one to end her two year relationship with the One Direction heartthrob, not only because the distance grew to be hard on her, but she also wanted her privacy back after some directioner’s threatened her via Twitter.

Payne reportedly didn’t see the break-up coming and was heartbroken by Peazer’s decision. But a simple broken heart didn’t stop Liam from moving on so quickly. Earlier this week, CelebsGoss reported that he and Leona Lewis are one of London’s newest it couple. And even though he didn’t comment on the situation, Payne  did confirm that he and the ‘Bleeding Love’ singer have indeed hung out a couple of times since his breakup.

Photo Credit: Metro

Photo Credit: Metro

But Lewis is said to be cautious about making things official with a One Direction super star, especially after seeing how other girlfriends of the bandmates are harassed by jealous 1D fans. Leona just got out of a two-year relationship herself with 23-year-old dancer Dennis Jauch. Now after being separated, Liam and Leona aren’t looking to rush into anything, but also aren’t looking to be alone at the moment, which may be the reason the two moved on so quickly and found comfort in each other.

Now that you know Liam is officially single, do you think he and Danielle will remain friends? Sound off with your comments below.


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