One Direction’s Liam Payne Engaged?

Photo Credit: Photo Agency

Photo Credit: Photo Agency

The sound of young girls hearts breaking  filled the air after one of the hotties from One Direction Liam Payne posted a picture on Instagram that gave Directioners the idea that the 18-year-old had gotten engaged.

The photo read “I’m hers and she’s mine forever” as two hands were intertwined together.

So is the rumor true or just that… a rumor?

Well put away those hankies ladies, a rep for One Direction told E! that although the rumor of Liam being engaged to girlfriend Danielle Peazer are “completely untrue” she still remains the only girl for him. Oh and they really do have some big news that Payne wanted the world to know.

The What Makes You Beautiful singer took to instagram to say:

“I am young I know, but I love this woman, she is the one i want to be in the future. Danielle is the one for me, i am sure. And please do not hate, if you love me. You all were excited about the ‘big news’ right? Well, me and Danielle are moving in together and we are going to take the next step in our relationship.

I try to keep my private life private from publicity but it’s hard sometimes. I read all your comments on my last picture and i’ll just say that last night was the best night of my life, i know what really matters: love! Thank you for showing so much love and respect. I love you all, have a nice day! Oh and follow Danielle.”

Ah yes… love is in the air!


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