Style Watch: 3 Chicago Designers to Know

Name: Ali Lerner

Known for: Handcrafted jewelry set off by Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gems.

Spring Style: From pretty pastels and sorbet colors to floral prints, spring 2012 is all about showcasing your femininity.

Inspiration: The newest runway fashions and hottest Pantone colors always help inspire my latest designs.

Personal Style: Sophisticated-chic with a splash of whimsy and sparkle.

Available at

Name: Nicole Tongson

Known for: Couture custom shoe designs under her label, Eidia Lush.

Inspiration: Rare antique finds and vintage photographs. I love mixing old romantic textures and shapes with patterns and designs that feel more modern and edgy.

Palette: We use a lot of natural colors with burnt undertones for fall and winter, while strategically mixing in bright contrasting colors for spring and summer.

Spring Style: Chunky high heels and bright platform wedges. We [take] some of the shoes we love from fall, like the bootie, but make it open-toe and create elegant cut-outs to make it super sexy for springtime.

Available at select retailers nationwide this June;

Name: Maria Harper

Known for: A clean, wearable aesthete. However, she also designed Cee-Lo Green’s 2011 Grammy Awards performance costume—a.k.a “the chicken costume.”

Spring Style: [I want to] provide women with classic, simple yet sexy silhouettes. I am stepping out of the ‘trendy’ box and providing women with pieces that can’t easily be found today.

Design Philosophy: Classic, solid silhouettes that make women recognize and remember how truly beautiful they are.

Style Tip: Accessories! Fedoras, scarves, oversize rings, edgy earrings. Accessories can change a look effortlessly and make your wardrobe endless.

Available online at


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