Go Bold or Stay Home

Put away those winter jackets. Spring is finally here. And the smell of fashion is in the air.

This spring is all about bright, bold colors for both guys and girls. Some may even say the bolder the better. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Eva Mendes, and Heidi Klum have been spotted sporting unexpected combinations in their wardrobe.

High fashion most often comes with an even higher price tag, leaving some people confused: How can DePaul students get the same high fashion look, for less?

The ’70s are back. According to People magazine, it’s all about pairing brightly colored tops with bold bottoms that you may have never thought of pairing together.

When asked where the best places for students to shop around Lincoln Park are, several of them had one store in mind, Francesca’s, right on the corner of Halsted and Armitage.

As you walk through the doors you walk into every girls dream: a store full of chunky jewelry, bright colors, and nothing but floral.

Molly McCarty, Francesca’s manager, was gushing about how brilliant this Spring’s fashion lines are.

“Mixing and matching colors is all the rage this season,”

Morgan Ortiz, a sophomore at DePaul, likes to view her style as classy, with a twist. “I’m looking forward to pairing a fun floral dress, with a bright blazer, and a pearl necklace to add a touch of class,” she said.

“I like Francesca’s because it has a classical over-style with a modern twist and it’s reasonably priced,”

H&M and Target were also popular responses when asked where to find spring fashion.

Amanda Calo, a sophomore at DePaul, views her fashion as edgy and bold. She likes to find her bold look-at-me style at both H&M and Target.

“They [H&M and Target] have simple tops and dresses, but in bold colors,”

Calo adds that she can buy a lot for little money.

Calo can be spotted walking around campus this spring in her favorite outfit, a bright, off the shoulder crop top and paired off with a pair a high low cut jean shorts.

Preppy is in for men. According to InStyle magazine, it’s about pairing a khaki colored bottom with either a navy colored button up (tucked in), or a cardigan. It can even be the other way around, a bold color pair of pants and a lighter cardigan.

Eric Medina, a student at DePaul, would have to agree with InStyle.

“My style is more preppy/hipster. I like to wear light colored cardigans over a v-neck shirt and slim fitted slacks,”

He adds that stripes are big as well.

Express comes up a lot when men talk about fashion. When it comes to trends they have outfits for several occasions including job interviews, dates, or nights out with the guys.

Job interviews are all about impressions. It’s important to dress to impress. Guys, purple is in, if you pair a dark purple button up with a light purple tie and gray pants, you are sure to catch some attention.

Some men tend to follow fashion trends more closely than others, such as Medina. But others think you don’t need to be kept up with the latest fashions to look good.

Even though Nick Hawley, a junior at DePaul, doesn’t follow the latest trends, he says his fashion is preppy and consists of a nice pair of jeans and a button up.

“I’m glad floral is coming back. I love it. I already have so many pieces, so I don’t have to spend as much money. I’m a college student,”

said DePaul student Jaimee Capili.

As you walk through campus next time, take a notice to the diverse fashion sense the DePaul student population has. You see things from people dressed in bright colors from head-to-toe, and some rocking out the denim. It’s easier than you may have thought to dress like a celebrity; there are always ways to look high fashion for less.


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