A ‘good day to be British’ as Prince William marries Kate Middleton

Every now and then, there are special occasions that the entire world just cannot miss out on. Moments so unique that while some people decide to travel halfway around the world to be a part of; others wake up at three in the morning to watch. Two billion hopeless romantics around the world tuned in Friday April 29th to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get their happily ever after. As people wondered if the royal wedding would top Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding, the pressure was on for the royal family. But the royal wedding of Will and Kate turned out to be the wedding of the century.

The royal wedding was the perfect way for girlfriends to get together, watch the wedding, and talk about their fairytale wedding. That is exactly what DePaul student Kaylin Ielase and her roommates did. They decided to grab their tiaras, drink tea, and watch William and Kate say “I will.”

“Kate is living out every little girl’s fantasy of meeting Prince Charming, falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after,” Ielase said.

As Kate walked down a red carpet aisle, nineteen-hundred guests outlined the walkway. The guest list included everyone from Kate’s butcher from her home town of Bucklebury to royal families from all over the world. With a strict dress code, guests were advised to wear military uniforms, morning coats, or a business suit. Women were expected to wear some sort of hat.

English women take fashion very seriously. Even though women try not to outdo the bride on her wedding day, for a royal wedding, Kate’s aisle was a walkway for her guests. Their hats were a question of fashion, elegance, and style. It was a way for guests to express their fashion sense.

As guests were forming into the church, Ielase felt like she was watching the Kentucky Derby Friday morning.

“Will’s cousin, Princess Beatrice, wore a hat that Lady Gaga would probably wear.”

Lesia Charysh and Morgan Ortiz, both DePaul students, woke up at three in the morning just to get a glimpse of Kate’s anticipated wedding gown. While eating scones, Charysh and Ortiz debated over what Kate’s dress would look like. While Charysh thought she would wear a more modern sleeveless ball gown, Ortiz viewed her in a more classical dress with sleeves like Princess Diana’s.

Undeniably the most anticipated aspect of the royal wedding was Kate’s dress. After five months of speculation about who Kate would wear, the blushing bride stepped out of the Rolls Royce allowing the world to get the first glimpse of her wedding gown. Kate’s dress was simply elegant and reminiscent of the dress worn by Princess Grace Kelly. It was an ivory and satin ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves made from lace designed by British designer, Sarah Burton of the house of Alexander McQueen.

Charysh thought Kate looked classic and very sophisticated.

“What really caught my attention was her sweetheart bodice neckline that was under the lace sleeves,” she said. “She looked like a modern Cinderella.”

Unlike Diana, who had a twenty-five foot train, Kate kept it simple with an eight-foot long train which her sister and bridesmaid, Pippa, was on hand to not only help maintain Kate’s train, but also her dress. Kate sported a tiara which was handed down to her by Queen Elizabeth II herself. She also took the world by surprise as she decided to do her own make-up. She told the press that she wanted William to recognize her as the girl he proposed to.

When Courtney Pohlman, a senior at DePaul, was asked why she thinks Americans are so infatuated with the royal wedding she responded with,

“We don’t have a royal family here and to watch a live fairytale is what all of us hopeless romantics love about it.”

Typically after a royal wedding, the newlywed couple travel to Buckingham Palace where they publicly show the world just how much they love each other with one simple kiss on a balcony. William and Kate seem to like to spice things up a bit. The couple took the world by surprise yet again as they not only had one royal kiss, but a second kiss quickly came after. The way they look at each other, exchange looks, and their kisses prove that they are madly in love with each other.

Pohlman goes on to talk about the couple sharing two kisses on the balcony,

“I loved that they kissed twice,” she said. “It just showed how much the truly loved each other.”

Norman Randall, a London native who is now living in Chicago, was most pleased to see the whole royal family and their community come together for the wedding.

“It was a good day to be British,”

After waiting eight years for her one true love, Kate Middleton proved to the hopeless romantics around the world that dreams really do come true.


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