‘Chicago Performed Magnificently’ During NATO Summit

President Barack Obama thanks Chicago for being magnificent.

To end the talk around town, President Barack Obama ended the 2012 NATO Summit by telling the press, “Chicago performed magnificently.” He even encouraged the leaders from across the world to enjoy what Chicago has to offer, like the shopping down Michigan Avenue.

During the press conference at the McCormick Place, Obama stated that, “If you talk to leaders from across the world, they loved the city.”

I’m sure every Chicagoan can agree that there isn’t a place like the windy city. But what did some of the famous out of towners experience on their free time?

The first lady, Michelle Obama, took the spouses down to the South Side of Chicago to see first hand the Comer Center where they are going through changes to better their early education. She even decided to become touristy and show them the hype of Chicago. They visited the Art Institute and did plenty of site seeing.

But the question that has several people wondering is why did Obama bring NATO to Chicago?

It was Rahm Emmanuel who encouraged Obama to showcase the city of Chicago for the 2012 NATO Summit.

“From a city perspective, this will be an opportunity to showcase what is great about the greatest city in the greatest country,’’ he told the Suntimes. “It’s an opportunity for the City of Chicago economically, but also a message internationally about why Chicago is a city that’s on the move and, if you’re thinking of investing, Chicago is a place to invest.”

So as Frank Sinatra stated, “Chicago is one town that won’t let you down,” and the city definitely stood true of the song.

Well done Chicago!


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