Alison Sweeney Shows Off Her Hot Body

Photo Courtesy of Celebuzz


Being surrounded with gorgeous, thin actresses all her life, Alison Sweeney had enough!

The Day’s of Our Lives star went from a size 12 down to a happily size 4 in 1999 where she dropped close to 30 pounds. Her secret – ditching her favorites like sugary soda and fad diets. Since the 34-year-old actress is on camera 50 weeks out of the year, she tells Self Magazine about her strategies to losing weight and how she feels proud of how she looks.

How did the blonde bombshell do it?

Besides watching what she eats, Alison started taking classes at the gym such as boot camps and spin classes, where she looks forward to getting a good “butt-kicking” workout in less than an hour. She also makes time to strength train a few times during the week and really enjoys doing yoga. “I look forward to it,” she says.

It also helps that she gets the chance to learn how to control her body and calories from her good friend Jillian Michaels. After joining The Biggest Loser cast, Michaels pushed Alison to finish what she started. “It gives you such confidence to do something you don’t think you can do,” she says.

Despite gaining 35 pounds during her first pregnancy and 25 in her second, Alison turned to her trainer for guidance on how to get back in shape. Her trainer gave her the best advice, “Why go back [to your old body]? Go forward! Be the best that you can be today.” That pushed the mother of two to lose her baby weight and look better then ever!

With the weight off, Alison got the chance to walk the runway during Fashion Week for a heart health benefit. “I was so proud of myself that night for working had on my body,” she confesses.


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